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Stock Control

Do you get unwelcome news at month-end?

Stock Control is one of the very basic building blocks within a business.  Without it all manner or nasty surprises can be found throughout an organisation.

  • Workarounds
  • Unofficial practices
  • No local ownership
  • All of which can lead to;
  • Longer lead times
  • Reduced accountability
  • Major discrepancies
  • Poor decision making
  • Lost Sales
  • Unhappy customers

Using your key resources, the people that carryout these transactions, can get to grips with key issues and determine what needs to be done.

Stock Control is a mixture of transactions;

  • Goods Inwards
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping
  • Stock Counting

By ensuring that all the processes needed to keep stock accurate have been fully identified and documented then the next step can be addressed.

Does your business system support these transactions in a simple and easily entered way?

Usually this is yes, as long as you follow the precise entry required by the software, which is often a ‘not quite how we want to do it’.


Yes. But, we need to simplify the approach to increase throughput and reduce costs. has used a number of approaches and a mixture of tools to provide additional end-user customisation, to add;

  • Barcode printing technology
  • Barcoded scanned input
  • Automation of complex tasks
  • Simplified end user data entry

Utilising a mixture of;

  • Your existing documentation
  • Barcode Scanning at the place of use
  • Radio frequency Devices
  • Keyboard attached scanners
  • Minimising data input

Automation of multiple tasks in one simple transaction

All of which improves the accuracy and timeliness of the transactions processed.

Sometimes these solutions are as well as existing barcode software and hardware. You do not always have to start again, but supplement solutions where necessary.

The added benefit of Customisation is that it does not require the ERP system to be modified.

If you recognise the problems and need expert help to resolve them then contact

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