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SabreFDI is an advanced Windows based server product which sits between the host, or host’s applications, and any number of input and output devices. Products with this type of function are normally referred to as “Middleware”. Output can be produced in multiple formats, with added graphics and barcodes, as well as being e-mailed, faxed or exported as a file.

SabreArc is primarily an SQL based COLD (Computer Output To Laser Disk) archiving system that can selectively place a document produced by SabreFDI into its record structure. This process is carried out automatically at “Print time” the stored image faithfully reproduces all the formatting of the document (or documents id multi page) produced. Documents can then be e-mailed or faxed directly from the Archive.

SabreB2B is in industry and commerce the ability to transmit and receive documents in an electronic format over the Internet. Although today the preferred electronic business transfer method is EDI, more and more we see the continued growth of information interchanged using XML.

“SabreClip” This acronym stands for “Sabre Clipboard” and is designed to support the growing range of advanced Windows™ CE powered PDA’s (Personal Data Assistants) or PDT’s (Portable Data Terminals).

How many documents are produced that are designed to accept written updates by the users, the results of which are then updated back into a system?

SabreSuite allows you to combine all of the elements in a single set of tools to build an end-to-end solution that builds on your existing processes and delivers extended and integrated functionality.

Download how FDI is being used in the NHS, Drinks and Transport.

Drinks delivery


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Reformat to A4 multi-sided  documents
Print on any label printer


Scan ot COLD Archiver


Moible ePOD from existing system